Capsule Closet

Capsule Closet - How is works and why you'll never look back!

When our grandmother was raising children, it was in a time where simplicity took precedence. The average closet consisted of a couple Sunday Bests, a few tops and bottoms, a pair of shoes for play, and a pair for special occasions. Clothing was more expensive, as it was crafted with time and care, so people bought less. Mamas carefully hand selected items for their littles’ wardrobes, that they loved. These garments were cherished, and treated with care.


 Nowadays, our closets are filled with chaos and clutter. Nothing has a rhyme or a reason. We spend mornings rummaging through the mounds of laundry, consisting of scratchy, stretched out fabrics. Your little’s adorable shirt, is now a box, with 3 small holes and relentlessly itchy tag. So many items, yet so few outfits. This is a sad tale, that replays every morning, in most North American households. This creates clutter in our homes, our hearts, and our minds. At Plaid & Paisley, we believe there is beauty in simplicity. There is freedom in owning less and loving it more. 


The capsule closet provides mamas with this freedom. By creating smaller wardrobes with quality, handcrafted items that are easily interchangeable, mamas are able to spend less time washing, folding and organizing clothing, and more time loving, hugging and playing with their littles. This is why at Plaid & Paisley, we want to help mamas everywhere adapt to the Parisian concept of buying less and choosing well. Simplicity is the keynote to a mindful home. 


Plaid & Paisley Little Inspirations blog is about inspiring mamas to live an enriching life. Knowing that everyday isn't perfect, but in each day there can be a moment. A moment of pure bliss, wholesome laughter, and memories that will be etched into the core of your littles. The kind of memories that stay with them through life. An attitude that will be passed down from generation to generation. Let us inspire you to create these moments, and cherish them with your littles for a lifetime.   

there is beauty in simplicity