Colonial Blouse Pre-Order

Colonial Blouse Pre-Order


An elegant approach to pioneer days. Fastened by five buttons trailing up the back of the blouse. Puffy arms that come in at the wrist. Loose fitting with  tailored neckline. 

made in Canada.

100% Organic Cotton


Organic Cotton: Believed to be softer than conventional cotton. Gentle on skin. No toxins.

Earth Friendly: Regular cotton accounts for 25% of the worlds insecticides and 10% of pesticides, but only 3% of land cultivated is cotton. That means a lot of chemicals are in a small amount of cotton. Organic cotton isn’t treated with harmful pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and GMOs, that affect workers, ecosystems and your child.


//All garments are sewn by artisan hands with Gutermann thread (made in Germany) as it offers superior strength to stitch. A cover stitch is used as it allows for maximum stretch for a child’s daily movement.//


Washing Instructions: Wash on cool and hang to dry.

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