That 70's Button-Up

That 70's Button-Up


A relaxed button-up created for family gatherings and concert this holiday season. Paired perfectly with the Sinatra Trouser or Black Soy Legging. Colour pulls medium grey. 

made in Canada.

100% Organic Cotton


Organic Cotton: Believed to be softer than conventional cotton. Gentle on skin. No toxins.

Earth Friendly: Regular cotton accounts for 25% of the worlds insecticides and 10% of pesticides, but only 3% of land cultivated is cotton. That means a lot of chemicals are in a small amount of cotton. Organic cotton isn’t treated with harmful pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and GMOs, that affect workers, ecosystems and your child.


//All garments are sewn by artisan hands with Gutermann thread (made in Germany) as it offers superior strength to stitch. A zig/zag stitch is used as it allows for maximum stretch for a child’s daily movement.//


Washing Instructions: Wash on cool and hang to dry.

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