Edith Wool Skirt

Edith Wool Skirt

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Wool front panel offers and elevated look. Back Panel is made with flexible soy and offers generous movement. Elastic waist makes for effortless outfit changes. Tailored fitting with considerable room to grow. Bottom of skirt is meant to hit above or below the knee (as every child grows at different rates).

made in Canada.

35% Hemp / 24% Organic Cotton / 24% Soy / 10% Wool / 5% Yak / 2% Spandex


Wool: Breathable fibre that provides instant warmth unlike synthetic fibres. Buffer against wind, ran and snow.

Earth Friendly: Naturally occurring and renewable resource. Favoured when flock is used for shearing only (and not intensively reared). Bio-degradable.


Yak: Similar to cashmere, yak down is a fine and soft protein fibre. Breathability and static resistance. Known as one of the warmest wools. Thermo Balance characteristics. Odor resistant.

Earth Friendly: Sustainable and eco-friendly means of gathering. Combed or shed from yak; a Tibetan specialty.:


Organic Cotton Fleece: Softer than conventional cotton, with the plush properties of traditional fleece. Gentle on skin.

Earth Friendly: Regular cotton accounts for 25% of the worlds insecticides and 10% of pesticides, but only 3% of land cultivated is cotton. That means a lot of chemicals are in a small amount of cotton. Organic cotton isn’t treated with harmful pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and GMOs, that affect workers, ecosystems and your child.


Soy (also known as vegetable cashmere): luxurious and soft texture without the maintenance as cashmere. Gentle on skin and silky soft. Stretch in fabric. Stable fibers mean it will not shrink or distort. Absorption qualities allow perspiration to evaporate. Antibacterial. UV resistant.

Earth Friendly: Made from fibres that are spun from the “leftovers” of the food industry. Plant is easily renewable and fibre is very biodegradable (so eco-friendly you could compost old soy garments in your own backyard).

//All garments are sewn by artisan hands with Gutermann thread (made in Germany) as it offers superior strength to stitch. A zig/zag stitch is used as it allows for maximum stretch for a child’s daily movement.//


Washing Instructions: Machine wash on cool and hang dry. 

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