Nutmeg Lounging suit

Nutmeg Lounging suit


The lounging suit is back! Now with more room to spare in the elastic around the wrists and ankles. Made with the unparalleled strength of hemp, this is a PJ set your child won’t put holes in. Front zipper closure and ample room to spare. Perfect gift for your child to open on Christmas Eve.

made in Canada.

55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton


Hemp: Naturally resistant to mold and UV.  Retains it’s colour better than any other fabric. Hemp fibers are durable, preventing any distortion. Garments will hold their shape. The more hemp is worn/washed the softer it will become.


Earth Friendly: Hemp grows extremely fast. Yields 250% more fibre than cotton and 600% more fibre than Flax, meaning less land is needed to farm. Hemp plants leave rich, organic matter in the soil, for excellent cultivation for years to come.


//All garments are sewn by artisan hands with Gutermann thread (made in Germany) as it offers superior strength to stitch. A cover stitch is used as it allows for maximum stretch for a child’s daily movement.//


Washing Instructions: Hemp washes and ages gracefully. The more you wash the softer it gets. Feel free to throw these garments in the wash and dryer on hot or cool. 

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