Frequently Asked Questions


1. What sizes do you carry?

We carry size 2T , all the way up to 11/12Y. These sizes would typically fit from a 2 year old to a 12 year old. 

2. Return/Exchange policy? 

Plaid & Paisley does not offer cash returns, but we will absolutely exchange an item for store credit, minus the return shipping cost. This credit will not expire until a full calendar year has passed. Every parcel has a return sticker, so returns are easy and hassle free. 

3. What days do you ship?

Our shipping days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week. Packages will be shipped through Canada Post before noon.

4. What is my estimated ship time?

All orders are shipped Xpresspost via Canada Post. This provides peace of mind as it guarantees delivery with a tracking number. Packages should arrive in 2 business days within Canada, 2-3 business days within the US, and as little as 4 business days for international. If placing an order internationally, please be aware that we can not control or estimate the time it takes for customs to process the order. If purchasing for an event, please order well in advance to ensure package arrives in time. 

5. How do I care for my garments?

All of Plaid & Paisley garments come with a tag that give instructions for the specific item. The washing instructions can also be found in product details. 

6. Wrapping a gift?

We love wrapping gifts with our custom wrapping paper. Choose between our signature plaid or paisley wrapping paper, to make any purchase a proper gift. 

7. How will my order be packaged?

At Plaid & Paisley packaging is done mindfully and with intent. Every order is hand packaged with immense care and attention. Each item is closely inspected for unsightly flaws, steamed with lavender infused water to remove wrinkles, carefully wrapped in our signature paper, and set in one of our embossed boxes or envelopes. A Plaid & Paisley lavender scent satchel is placed in every package as a little extra, along with a handwritten note. Use the lavender satchel in littles drawers to keep their clothes smelling lovely. 

Keep the box as storage for clothing littles have grown out of!

8. What can I expect?

All items from Plaid & Paisley clothing line are handmade in Rocky Mountain House, Canada. Because all of our clothing is handcrafted, there will be small discrepancies in items. We believe these slight inconsistencies are what make each item unique and special.  

9. What makes Plaid & Paisley different?

Plaid & Paisley focuses on the concept of the capsule closet. All of our clothing is interchangeable and has purpose in a little’s wardrobe. Fabrics from our clothing line are ethically sourced from San Francisco. The soft and organic nature of the fabric should ensure that littles skin is not irritated. At Plaid & Paisley Littles, we believe in providing organic and ethically sourced clothing, that has been made with thought, care and attention. 

11. Do the clothes fit true to size? 

We try to be as descriptive as possible in all of our product details. Items fit true to size, but some styles tend to be a slenderer fit.