there is beauty in simplicity

Redefining iconic Canadian children's fashion; inspired by our European heritage. Using the Parisian approach of the capsule closet; less is more.


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Effortlessness is something we have strived for in every aspect of our lives. From the way we curate our closets, to how we design our homes. We are three sisters, choosing to curate a simple, yet elegant life in the freezing lands of Canada. Knowing that we are not Little House on the Prairie nor Notting Hill. Caught somewhere between Sorels and Prada; sophisticated and practical. Inspired by the complex beauty of living in majestic Canada, these garments are a reflection of the life we’ve created here for our families; classic pieces with the politeness of Canada and the effortlessness of childhood.

There is beauty in simplicity.

The Laturnus Girls - owners of Plaid and Paisley Littles

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