there is beauty in simplicity

Redefining iconic Canadian children's fashion; inspired by our European heritage. Using the Parisian approach of the capsule closet; less is more.


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Our Story


Plaid & Paisley is founded by three sisters who have a deep rooted appreciation for lush textiles, classic cuts and fine detail. We sisters have developed a sense of nostalgia towards the art of selecting timeless pieces to incorporate into everyday living. Growing up, our mother and grandmother unknowingly imprinted a desire to celebrate every day with your finest china, your most delicate string of pearls and your classic d'Orsay heels. Childhood memories of peering around the corner watching our mother slipping on her sleek black nylons; the final stroke of burgundy lipstick; the signature additional spritz of scent, before commencing her day... now inscribed into our daily routine as women, adults, and mothers.

These moments have inspired us to intentionally live our genuine story. Often we view life as a compilation of grand decisions, when in truth it is the conscious seemingly insignificant decisions that determine the tone of your experiences; whether it be day-to-day or life long. Something as simple as straightening your bed sheets, steaming the milk for your morning latte, and having a consistent morning routine, can establish a seamless day. The fluidity of your week is based on all of these simple actions. However, the unpredictable added challenges of motherhood, can make it difficult to spend time on the little things, like picking out a perfect outfit for your child. 

The allure of the Parisian capsule closet is that it gracefully fits into the hectic schedules of a young family. Capsule closets focus on neutral basics that can be interchanged, to create endless outfit options, for any occasion. The capsule closet gives littles the freedom, to combine many wardrobe pieces, while maintaining a cohesive, polished style.

Plaid & Paisley was influenced by the chaotic moments of our lives. The moments when you look around and see cracker crumbs scattered throughout the house; when your little has a chocolate milk moustache and a mismatched outfit; when you stare at the heap of toddler clothing waiting to be folded. Time: the most precious commodity, that there is never enough of. Never enough time to braid your little darling's hair. Never enough time to find the matching bottoms to the top your little insists on wearing. There is never enough time. 

These discouraging moments in time, are what motivated us to declutter our lives. To grasp what was truly ours, and embrace the art of living simply. A person's day begins and ends in their closet. And if you are a mom, your day begins and ends in your children's closets; scrambling to shove the endless amounts of clothing into their drawers, wondering why there is always so much laundry but never enough to wear. 

What we sisters have always known to be true, is that the tone set for the day directs the energy of the household. Our mother unknowingly practiced the art of the Parisian capsule closet in our childhood. Life was simple and so were our wardrobes. Quality was always esteemed over quantity. Less was actually more.

There is beauty in simplicity.


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